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50 of the Most Powerful and Influential Women in Social Media

5 de agosto de 2009

Ranking muito bacana! Ponto para as meninas!

In every industry there are a few people who are inarguably outstanding at what they do. In addition to that, they are typically charismatic, energetic, and creative. In an effort to find some of these people I asked my twitter friends to nominate people who they thought were some of the most powerful and influential women in Social Media. It was no surprise that they quickly and enthusiastically responded with the list of ladies below.

By the way, we used Alexa to evaluate each person nominated for this list. While you will undoubtedly notice that some of the ladies have a large amount of sites linked to their blogs or websites, the determining factor was ranking. Why? Ranking depicts how much traffic their blogs/websites receive over a certain period. Although Google ranking is impacted by sites linking in, Alexa appears to care much more about traffic generated by the links. Hopefully that makes sense to you.

After you have read the list, I predict you will decide that we should list some other ladies that you consider powerful and influential (not including yourself 🙂 ) on this list. So, when that happens, please follow the instructions in the paragraph at the end of the list. Without further ado, I happily present to you 50 of the most powerful and influential women in Social Media:

1. Ann Handley |
Rank 43,936 | Linking in 1,841

2. Michelle MacPhearson |
Rank 73,176 | Linking in 151

3. Liz Strauss |
Rank 73,704 | Linking in 1,332

4. Lynn Terry |
Rank 74,477 | Linking in 351

5. Justine Ezarik |
Rank: 82,875 | Linking in: 616

6. Wendy Piersall |
Rank: 83,378 | Linking in: 54

7. Maria Reyes-Mcdavis |
Rank 119,917 | Linking in 165

8. Amy Clark |
Rank: 127,367 | Linking in: 398

9. Deborah Micek |
Rank 127,859 | Linking in 109

10. Shama Hyder |
Rank: 128,441 | Linking in: 337

Para ver o restante das mulheres, clique aqui

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